Tuesday, September 28, 2010

More Social Network Review Goodness

I'll be doing this review on Air Wednesday.

The intial reaction to a facebook movie is to cringe. However, when you throw in the details, like being written by West Wing scribe Aaron Sorkin, directed by Fight Club's David Fincher, and based on a controversial book about the rise of facebook, things get a whole lot more interesting.

“The Social Network” is “The Godfather” for generation Y. Like any tragedy, The Social Network follows the creation of an empire: How outcast Mark Zuckerberg, played wonderfully by Jesse Eisenberg and his cohort Eduardo played by Andrew Garfield, revolutionized the Internet through spite, genius, and some intellectual property theft. Oh, and instead of a dirt nap in the middle of the dessert, everyone files lawsuits in the end.

The tricky part about movies where friends fall out in spetacular fashion is making it believable. The relationship always felt like a time bomb. This scene here shows how even before the stress of a multi billion dollar empire, their relationship leaves a bit to be desired.

The story is exciting and intricate, an accomplishment for a film aimed at an audience that's that's condescended too often. There are layers upon layers, and every drama or conflict in the film seems to come from the notion that someone has been left out or wants to fit in, which what facebook is all about.

This works. This Works wonderfully. The film holds your attention for it's entire two hour running time without a single explosion. Like any good tragedy, the entertainment in the film is not in the conclusion, but the journey. Every scene works on multiple levels. Every joke gets a chuckle, and even the extra stuff about clubs and rowing crue is still entertaining. Do yourself a favor, and see this film.

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