Wednesday, September 29, 2010

I'd watch

So, The Price of Admission is the topic of this blog. As it stands right now it's about 50 minutes until I head up to the studio and start trying to prove whatever is in my noggin is viable enough to influence a person's choice or some other totally pretentious thing.

So I know you're all like, okay, why would I watch this show that's on television when this wonderful thing called the Internet is just like TV but with more boobs. Well, I'll tell you why:

First of all, discussion. This show is going to be a great forum. Mark my words. We'll talk and argue and disagree and have a level of discourse rarely found on television. We're not going to yell at each other too much.

We have interviews with celebrities and creative minds interviewed by creative minds. People asking real questions and zany questions. People who are excited about this.

The first show is about the social network, which I liked, and the second one is about Secretariat, which I did not like. It'll be interesting to see which show yields the more interesting results.

It's easier to be more entertaining when being negative, that is for sure. This is why all the news on TV is yelling and screaming and shoe throwing or something.

The thing I'd want in my TV is to make the positive entertaining. There has to be a way to transfer the joy a person gets out of watching a silly video of a baby laughing on you tube to a more substantive form.

We'll see.

I'd watch.

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