Thursday, May 22, 2014

10 Thoughts From The First 3 Hours of Watch_Dogs

Watch_Dogs is in house, and while I'm not technically allowed to 'review' it until the 27th of May when the game comes (plus I want to test out multiplayer and various app-related functions), I CAN give some impressions from my time so far. 

Feel free to comment with questions and I'll try my best to answer. 

1. Hacking is cool and there's a bunch of bells and whistles that play into the system to make it worthwhile - for example I accidently set off a big-mouth Billy Bass in a clothing store and made a Rabbid toy make a funny noise. 

2. Chicago feels authentic despite some bizarre geographical changes. Wrigleyville has been moved west and various copyrighted names have been changed, but there are tons of cool tidbits to pick up from 'checking in' at various in-game landmarks. Thus far is there is no Hot Dougs, or Billy Goat Tavern

3. Guns are a part of the game but thus far the game hasn't become a cover shooter. Stealth and forward thinking is the name of the game.

4. There's a bullet-time mechanic; focus, that allows you pull off all sorts of crazy stuff while driving. 

5. The story makes a pretty good first impression, and characters seem to relate to each other with genuine personality, save Aiden, who's all gruff and mysterious and strange. 

6. The multiplayer components seem like a lot of fun, though there's no one to play with online currently. 

7. Driving handles well as does shooting, and it feels like a happy marriage of Splinter Cell-style stealth and Grand Theft Auto-style mass chaos. 

8. Graphicially the game is impressive in scope, there's nothing incredibly mind blowing about the character models or animation, but the way light casts dynamic shadows, how streetlights cast a yellow glow, and one neat touch where standing in front of a projector projected its image onto Aiden makes the whole presentation feel 'next gen'

9. The prognostications of this game being 'bad' have been greatly exaggerated. This is a quality product from a quality studio. Some of the action stuff is samey, sure - but if you like Assassin's Creed, or Grand Theft Auto, or Splinter Cell, or Sleeping Dogs - rest assured this title is up-to-snuff. 

10. Coolest moment so far: Escaping from the cops, triggering a bridge to raise up, driving over the bridge landing on the other side, and being rewarding for my escape.

The opening involving a baseball game and a daring escape is pretty wonderful too. 

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